Alexander Coward

I'm the Founder, CEO and CTO of EDeeU, Inc., an EdTech startup. We're building something awesome. If you are interested in helping out, please drop me a note here.

Before setting off as an entrepreneur I was a Lecturer at UC Berkeley. Here are some videos of me teaching:

In a previous life I did mathematics research is in 3-dimensional topology and geometry. You can see all my papers on the arXiv.

I previously held positions at UC Davis, the University of Sydney and the University of Oxford. Before that I completed my PhD at Oxford under the outstanding guidance of Marc Lackenby. Before that, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Education, also at Oxford.

Here is an email I wrote to my students in the Fall of 2013 that went viral, and was read by more than 1 million people.


I am blowing the whistle on the UC Berkeley Mathematics Department. You can read my statement here.

Watch the Cal TV interview here.