Alexander Coward

I'm the Founder, CEO and CTO of EDeeU, Inc., an EdTech startup. We're building something awesome. If you are interested in helping out, please drop me a note here. You can also email or phone me directly. We're especially keen to hear from artists, designers and people with front-end/full-stack web experience.

This semester I'm holding office hours, free to everyone, on UC Berkeley Campus at the Free Speech Movement Cafe from 3pm to 5pm every Friday. We can talk about anything you're struggling with, in particular mathematical things. I'd love to see you there. If you'd like to receive emails from me about learning, and how to get the best out of college, and other things, then fill out this form. You can also stay updated by joining this Facebook Group.

Before setting off as an entrepreneur I was a Lecturer at UC Berkeley. Here are some videos of me teaching:

In a previous life I did mathematics research in 3-dimensional topology and geometry. You can see all my papers on the arXiv.

I previously held positions at UC Davis, the University of Sydney and the University of Oxford. Before that I completed my PhD at Oxford under the outstanding guidance of Marc Lackenby. Before that, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Education, also at Oxford.

Here is an email I wrote to my students in the Fall of 2013 that went viral, and was read by more than 1 million people.


I am blowing the whistle on the UC Berkeley Mathematics Department. You can read my statement here.

Watch the Cal TV interview here.