Alexander Coward, whose teaching approach was loved by students but not colleagues, is still at Berkeley -- sort of

Alexander Coward's official employment with the University of California, Berkeley, ended in the summer of 2016. But students will still be able to find him on campus once a week, holding office hours at a cafe. "I sort of realized, I don't need anyone's permission, apart from the students," he told Inside Higher Ed recently.

Cathy Davidson's new book is a manifesto on teaching students -- and institutions -- how to survive and thrive in the digital age

"The American people are fighting the wilderness, physical and moral, on the one hand, and on the other are struggling to work out the awful problem of self-government," Charles W. Eliot wrote in The Atlantic Monthly in 1869. "For this fight they must be trained and armed."

Berkeley to fire 'love letter to learning' professor

Alexander Coward, a young mathematics lecturer at the Berkeley campus of the University of California, shot to unlikely fame in 2013 when his impassioned paean to college learning leaked online and went viral. The British academic had emailed 800 students to explain why he would continue teaching during a strike by university employees.

Come l'attimo fuggente: tutti pazzi per il prof che rottama voti e libri, ma Berkeley lo licenzia

Il cinema ci ha raccontato spesso delle storie di insegnanti straordinari, fuori dagli schemi, a volte fuori dal tempo. Robin William, alias John Keating, ne "L'attimo fuggente" intimava gli studenti a strappare le introduzioni delle poesie dai libri di testo, a salire sui banchi per osservare la vita da un diverso punto di vista.

Students protest contract nonrenewal of math lecturer Alexander Coward | The Daily Californian

Campus In the shadow of University Hall, roughly 50 students and community members protested the termination of Alexander Coward, a lecturer in the UC Berkeley mathematics department whose experience has garnered significant attention on social media. The Facebook event for the protest had nearly 4,000 RSVPs, but slightly more than 1 percent of the intended were present at Tuesday's protest.

ICYMI: Why you need to read Professor Coward's viral email | The Daily Californian

Look, we all had a rough week, all right? We had some classes canceled on Wednesday, days of rain and, most recently, one of the biggest losses in Big Game history. So it can seem a bit easy to sulk and think this was a completely shit week. Because itRead More...

Cal lecturer's email to students goes viral: "Why I am not canceling class tomorrow"

"I email my students all the time-that isn't unusual," Alexander Coward tells us. "What is very unusual is for one of those emails to go viral." The UC Berkeley's math lecturer's surprise is understandable.